Asyulm of Collegno

Ex-Ospedale Psichiatrico Certosa di Collegno

Colegno 2014-06-08 096

8 June 2014

During this period I worked in Turin, and on Friday evenings I often went to the events organized by Onirica, which took place in Collegno and I completely ingored that it was an ex – asylum.

One day I found a photo exhibition about an asylum in Collegno, curiously I set route on navigator and I left, so I found out that every Friday night I went to dance into the hospital’s  laundry room.
Colegno 2014-06-08 026
Colegno 2014-06-08 045


The royal Charterhouse of Collegno was first a monastery of the Carthusian monks from the second half of the 1600s, to become a Royal Madhouse since 1851.

The ERGOTHERAPY was practiced, the treatment of diseases through work, which acted as an intermediary between the patient and the surrounding environment, in this way he regained self-confidence by reactivating attitudes compromised by the pathology. The internees were often people who had physical problems, deformities and not necessarily mental illness. It is possible to observe the patient cells, the huge pavilions and the immense park of about 400,000 m2 inside the structure.
The guests of the Charterhouse were engaged in the work in the fields which served not only as a therapy, but also to support the structure itself.

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If you wanted more information about this place visit click here


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