Asylum of Volterra

Ex – Manicomio di Volterra

18 December 2016

Volterra is a small Italian town in Tuscany, founded in Etruscan age. In the historic center it is located a castle at time of the Medici, is now a  prison state… a prison in medieval style XD.

But, there is also an abandoned asylum where his most famous guest was Oreste Fernando Nannetti called NOF4

« io sono un astronautico ingegnere minerario nel sistema mentale »
Ex Manicomio di Volterra

Castle – Prison

The population of the asylum has achieved up 4900 patients, a very big number, certainly the real mental patients were much lower. The site included vegetable gardens and workshops where the patients had worked. They had the double function: self-reliance for the asylum and Therapy for Patients.

Ex Manicomio di Volterra

Ex Manicomio di Volterra

Ex Manicomio di Volterra

Ex Manicomio di Volterra



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EX – SIPE – Spilamberto

SIPE – Società Italiana Prodotti Esplodenti S.p.A.

02 July 2016

What is the SIPE?
SIPE was founded on 31 December 1891 in Milan by Ferdinando Bocconi and e Bonzani S.p.A‎..
In the early 1900s, Pallotti and Osti (from Spilamberto) bought the factory, through the joint venture SIPE Nobel S.p.A., in collaboration with Dinamite (dynamite) Nobel S.A., where takes place the manufacture of nitroglycerin and ballistite. The collaboration will lead to the opening of other installations in Gallicano and Orbetello.

Nobel, reminds you a name? Exactly precisely the one who has given his name to the most desirable prize of all, THE NOBEL PRIZE. It can be said that all the money given for winning a Nobel Prize derived from explosives, including the Nobel Peace Prize (o.O)

Where is the EX-Sipe Nobel?

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You can see the large area of the the industrial complex.

The EX- SIPE Nobel was a weapons factory, where over the years have been several deadly accidents for the workers, it is a real factory of death.

… In case of explosion only the worker inside the metal sarcophagus died, saving others inside the shed.

Inside the Sipe,  you can see really interesting graffiti

EX Sipe Nobel 2016-07-02 072

EX Sipe Nobel 2016-07-02 090

EX Sipe Nobel 2016-07-02 002

Inside the headquarters, is possible still find old administrative documents were there in memory of those who worked here.

EX Sipe Nobel Spilamberto by Alessandro Vito Lipari on

EX Sipe Nobel Spilamberto by Alessandro Vito Lipari on

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Asylum of Aguscello

Manicomio infantile di Aguscello

03 April 2016

Reading on the Internet the history of this place, you should be afraid to meet with the presence of some ghost of some children hospitalized into the structure, or the presence of satanic Mass… in theory

Manicomio_Aguscello 2016-04-03 006

“Don’t take the flowers and candy, they are for kids”

This is the first thing you encounter just walked in

Manicomio Aguscello by Alessandro Vito Lipari on

This is the major corps of the asylum, we entered the room of boilers in the basement to go up the first floor, further it was too dangerous, the structure is very run down.

Inside the asylum instead it is full of stupid written, fascist and penises drawings, PENIES! Why! ah no ghost has been seen, maybe they have more taste.


Manicomio_Aguscello 2016-04-03 018

Manicomio_Aguscello 2016-04-03 015.JPG
Manicomio_Aguscello 2016-04-03 027
Manicomio_Aguscello 2016-04-03 065

Manicomio_Aguscello 2016-04-03 024



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Asyulm of Collegno

Ex-Ospedale Psichiatrico Certosa di Collegno

Colegno 2014-06-08 096

8 June 2014

During this period I worked in Turin, and on Friday evenings I often went to the events organized by Onirica, which took place in Collegno and I completely ingored that it was an ex – asylum.

One day I found a photo exhibition about an asylum in Collegno, curiously I set route on navigator and I left, so I found out that every Friday night I went to dance into the hospital’s  laundry room.
Colegno 2014-06-08 026
Colegno 2014-06-08 045

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