Ex – Fonderie di Modena

12 February2017

With the expansion of cities in the 60s and 70s of 20th century, many factories were located in the suburbs, now they found themselves absorbed by the city and the old foundry in Modena is no exception. Instead of requalify the area and make land reclamation projects, the local authorities have decided to leave this foundry in itself.



Ex-Fonderie Modena 2017-02-12 011

Ex-Fonderie Modena 2017-02-12 013

Ex-Fonderie Modena 2017-02-12 015

Ex-Fonderie Modena 2017-02-12 023 Ex-Fonderie Modena 2017-02-12 029

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EX – SIPE – Spilamberto

SIPE – Società Italiana Prodotti Esplodenti S.p.A.

02 July 2016

What is the SIPE?
SIPE was founded on 31 December 1891 in Milan by Ferdinando Bocconi and e Bonzani S.p.A‎..
In the early 1900s, Pallotti and Osti (from Spilamberto) bought the factory, through the joint venture SIPE Nobel S.p.A., in collaboration with Dinamite (dynamite) Nobel S.A., where takes place the manufacture of nitroglycerin and ballistite. The collaboration will lead to the opening of other installations in Gallicano and Orbetello.

Nobel, reminds you a name? Exactly precisely the one who has given his name to the most desirable prize of all, THE NOBEL PRIZE. It can be said that all the money given for winning a Nobel Prize derived from explosives, including the Nobel Peace Prize (o.O)

Where is the EX-Sipe Nobel?


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You can see the large area of the the industrial complex.

The EX- SIPE Nobel was a weapons factory, where over the years have been several deadly accidents for the workers, it is a real factory of death.

… In case of explosion only the worker inside the metal sarcophagus died, saving others inside the shed.

Inside the Sipe,  you can see really interesting graffiti

EX Sipe Nobel 2016-07-02 072

EX Sipe Nobel 2016-07-02 090

EX Sipe Nobel 2016-07-02 002

Inside the headquarters, is possible still find old administrative documents were there in memory of those who worked here.

EX Sipe Nobel Spilamberto by Alessandro Vito Lipari on 500px.com

EX Sipe Nobel Spilamberto by Alessandro Vito Lipari on 500px.com

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